From youth upwards, Bernard FRÖLICH had been attracted by the ancient navy, but he never got the chance to devote himself to it because a lack of time, means and documentation.

Around 1976- 1977, he restarts being interested in ancient naval model making, thanks to the monograph of AAMM ( Naval Museum Friends Association). He builds a model of LA FLORE, at the scale of 1/ 48. Then, he discovers the Jean BOUDRIOT's works whom he was acquainted with later and whose work "The 74 guns vessel" is a work of reference for the model makers interested in this period of 18th century. From now, he will not build any model out of this documentation.

He participates between 1986 and 1990 in the activities of the FFMN ( Naval Modelling French Federation) exhibitions, contests, championships, where he gets numerous awards. But, he prefers the activities of AAMM, where he animates lectures, shows with a group of friends model makers.

Lecture about "The art of model-making" (PDF format) ...

Exhibition in the "Château de Versailles"
Photo: Eric L'Emaillet

"L' AMBITIEUX" in the National Maritim Museum
In 1996, he receives the Jules BERTAUD prize from Académie des Sciences Morales et Politiques ( Moral and Politic Sciences Academy) for his work of model maker.

In 2000, the MNM (National Maritim Museum) buys his small model of LA BELLE, small flute of CAVELIER DE LA SALLE, shipwrecked in 1684 in mouths of Mississipi.

In 2006, it is his great model, (at the same scale as the previous one of 1/ 48) , of the 80 guns vessel L'AMBITIEUX, that the MNM purchases, to complete its collections of the Louis XIV's navy.

Bernard FRÖLICH published a book "L'Art du Modélisme" where he exposes through three hundred pages and six hundred pictures, his comprehension of model making, his choices, his methods. Edited at several thousands of copies, translated in four languages in addition to the French. This work has had a great success into the little world of naval model making. The specialized press has published articles in high glowing terms including the USA.
In addition to the three quoted models, the list of models constructed by B. FRÖLICH includes:
LE SOLIDE (64 guns vessel of 1722), LE CYCLOPE (16 guns brigg of 1804), LA SALAMANDRE (bomb galliot of 1752),
LE COUREUR ( war lugger of 1776), LA BELLE POULE (calibre 12 frigate of 1765), LE MERCURE (french merchant vessel of 1730),
LE REQUIN (chebec of 1750), LA JACINTHE (schooner of 1823), LE GROS VENTRE (sailing barge of 1766),
and he his currently constructing LE CERF, cutt